Holistic health

Organic Beauty

The Cellessense Beauty and Holistic Health Studio, Newport, is situated on Sydney’s northern beaches. We are within the Gallery Salon of Hair, 349 Barrenjoey Rd, Newport. We offer heavenly specialised organic facials, adapted to every skin type and condition, using Phyt’s, a French professional organic range of products with 40 years of experience, and therapeutic body treatments and massages

Nes Health

The NES HEALTH program is a revolutionary holistic approach to evaluating and promoting wellness. It is supported by a sophisticated and pain free analytical software system and a range of informational and nutritional supplements.

Scenar Therapy

SCENAR therapy is a therapeutic, non-invasive treatment using electro stimulation. It is used to treat wounds, injuries, bruises, sprains, strains. It and can also assist in the treatment of fractures, burns, oedemas, inflammation and pain management in general. Scenar therapy is designed to brings relief for acute and chronic pain.

Nia Dance


Nia is a fun, expressive, sensory based dance practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness.
Through awareness of body movement, it empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Classes are taken barefoot to soul stirring music, and are designed for those seeking personal enrichment and development. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities. www.nianow.com

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