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M. Christine Chouquet

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M. Christine Chouquet

Marie-Christine is a holistic beauty and remedial therapist, working only with organic skin care, she is also a Nia, SCENAR and NES HEALTH practitioner, and a Morphopsychologist. I provide women with a wonderful organic skincare range and I am passionate about informing and educating women on the numerous benefits of using a NATURAL, ORGANIC skincare range, for all skin type.

M. Christine Chouquet beautician

As a beautician, I love to work with organic products for facial and body treatments.
Passion and purpose are my 2 key words. I am convinced that “what you use on your skin should be good enough to eat”.
A passionate practitioner of Bio-Energetic medicine and Morphopsychology, Marie-Christine Chouquet believes in the profound impact of positive and focused thinking on our being.

As Albert Einstein said: “The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking…”

Universal laws and natural rules are there to guide us, and help us become our true selves. Whatever is “making” us who we are as a whole is to be respected and revered, and that starts with our very own body… Life is a quantum miracle.

  • Diploma in Natural Beauty Therapy
  • Certificate Level III in Remedial Therapies (Aromatherapy, Energetic Healing, Lymphatic drainage, Medicinal Herbs, Foot Reflexology, Bach Flowers Remedies, Reiki)
  • NES HEALTH practitioner (Nutri-Energetic Systems – Bio-Energetics – Informational Medicine)
  • SCENAR therapy
  • Morphopsychology

Why as a beautician why do you work with organic products?

Well it really is our approach to everything. As a beautician, I seek out products that do their job as a beauty treatment, but I am very concerned to find treatments that are also gentle and support your skin. Your beauty treatments will not be adding an additional burden of toxic chemicals to your body in a world laden with harmful ingredients. This matters, as the skin absorbs everything that is placed on it. So why not use wonderful ingredients that will not harm but actually feed and provide nourishment to your face and body? It really is as if your skin ‘eats’ a product, which is why we believe, “What you put on your skin should be good enough to eat”!
The great thing is that these products feel beautiful, do their job and at the same time feed your body. They provide much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So when you have a treatment it is like going to a fabulous organic restaurant! You get fed and nourished and achieve a beauty result! It is a win, win situation.