Holistic Health

Waxing services

We are pleased to offer a full range of waxing services. Ladies’ waxing include full and half leg, bikini, Brazilian, under arm and eyebrow waxing. Men’s back, chest, arms, legs and eyebrows waxing are also available.

Do you do laser hair removal?

We have opted to remain with waxing. The reason being that there is still a lack of consensus as to their effectiveness and unfortunately still little data has been published on lasers and their long term use. We opt for Hippocrates oath of “first, do no harm”. In time we may consider offering laser hair removal, but only when there has been more long term studies that inform us on the issues associated with laser use – such as skin cooling and pain management. It is our endeavour to bring you the healthiest options we can for all beauty treatments at Cellessense.

Waxing services:

Facial Wax
* Eyebrow: $22. * Lip or Chin: $15. * Eyebrow & Lip: $28. * Eyebrow, lip & chin: $32.

Ladies Wax
* 1/2 Leg: $28. * 3/4 Leg: $40. * Full leg: $48.
* Half Leg & Bikini: $42. * Full Leg & Bikini: $55. * Bikini line: $20.
* G.String: $35. * Brazilian: $60. * Underarm: $20.
* Half arm: $32. * Full arm: $42.

Men’s Wax
* Back & shoulders: $55. * Chest: $50. * Full arm: $50. * Full leg: $60.

Waxing hints:

  • Loofah the area of skin you want waxed the night before and then rub in some oil to make the hair follicles softer
  • Dilute tea tree oil helps prevent ingrown hairs in the weeks in between waxing
  • Don’t shave in between waxing as you will loose the advantage of the finer softer hair
  • Some people are less sensitive to waxing in the week after their period
  • Avoid sun exposure after waxing