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Lead in your lipstick? Chemicals in cosmetics

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Blog | 2,647 comments

Chemicals in cosmetics – the very short version! Currently there is a campaign for safe cosmetics in the United States that has produced a fabulous short video that puts it very simply and clearly without making you feel bad. Watch it!
It is up-beat and easy on the brain!

Some facts about chemicals in cosmetics

Less than 20% of the ingredients in beauty products have been assessed for safety by the FDA. They have only banned eight out of 12,000 ingredients in skin products! There is lead in many lipsticks. Many ingredients have been linked to cancer and or contain neuro-toxins. Beware of labeling as there are no legal definitions of ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ and look for an organic certification. Read the labels!

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