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Evaluating Health Status – NES Health

NES Health ProVision System

By simply placing your hand on an input device (a bit like a ‘mouse-pad’), the beautifully designed health assessment software (NES ProVision) is able to provide detailed graphic representation of more than 150 results about the human body field including:

  • Major organs and organ systems
  • Environmental influences, such as toxins, EMF fields, and more
  • Nutritional influences
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Emotions, including trauma and shock
  • Body- field structures, including:
  • Energetic Drivers – the fields that power the organs and organ systems
  • Energetic Integrators –  channels that regulate information transfer within the body-field and to the body
  • Energetic Terrains – the energetic environments that correlate to emotions and encode healing messages for the body-field and body
  • Energetic Stars – the multifaceted energetic pathways correlated to metabolism and the “survival” instincts of the body.

This information can then be used by the NES Health practitioner to work on an individually tailored program depending on what aspects you wish to address. This program may include NES Health infoceuticals and/or NEStrition to support proper functioning of the body-field

Nes consultation: $100 first session
Ongoing subsequent assessment: $60