Holistic health

Organic Beauty

The Cellessense Beauty and Holistic Health is situated on Sydney’s northern beaches. We offer heavenly specialised organic facials, adapted to every skin type and condition, using Phyt’s, a French professional organic range of products with 40 years of experience, and therapeutic body treatments and massages

What is so different about the Cellessense Beauty and Holistic Health Studio Newport?

Well it really is our approach to everything. We seek out products that are excellent beauty treatments, but are also good for your skin. Your beauty treatments should not be adding toxic chemicals to your body. This matters, as the skin absorbs everything that is placed on it. So why not use natural, organic ingredients that will not harm but actually feed and nourish your face and body? It really is as if your skin ‘eats’ a product, which is why we believe, “What you put on your skin should be good enough to eat”!
The great thing is that these products feel beautiful, do their job and at the same time feed your body. They provide much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So when you have a treatment it is like going to a fabulous organic restaurant! You get fed and nourished and achieve a beauty result! It is a win, win situation.

We are more than an organic Beauty Salon

Cellessense Beauty and Holistic Health,  Newport, believes that beauty is more than skin deep. This is why we provide alternative health therapies. Our SCENAR services help your body repair from strains and stresses. The NES HEALTH program can provide you with an analysis of your energetic profile and comes with nutritional support and products. Our Facial Psychology service helps you see yourself in a broader context which can help re-focus on what you really want. You can’t always solve situations and make decisions while you are inside the problem. Shift your focus and see things from a different context and everything changes! Support your whole self. Beauty comes from the inside out. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy, healthy and confident person.