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Facial Treatments

Experience the luxury, potency and uniqueness of PHYT’S certified organic professional Facial Treatments. All treatments are individually packed in ampoules and designed for different skin types.
The facials are complimented with a lymphatic drainage of the face. This is followed by a neck, shoulders, hands and head massage.

All Facial Treatments can be purchased in advance as a cure of 6 treatments (one a week) for 6 weeks. The 6th one is FREE.

Facial Treatments

SOIN EQUILIBRE: $110 (Re-balancing Facial Treatments) for oily, blotchy and sensitive skins: Cleansing, purifying, calming, hydrating.

SOIN ANTI-COMEDONS: $110 (Black head Facial Treatments) for very congested skin with open pores: Deep cleansing, purifying and the removal of black heads. This is followed by a hydrating, re-balance sebum.

SOIN CAPYL : $120 (Sensitive skin Facial Treatments) for very sensitive to Rosacea prone skins: $ 110 – 1 hour. This facial relieves congestion and clears skin. This is followed by treatments to supporting the constricting of the capillaries and soothing aggravated skin.

SOIN OXYGENE: $120 (Oxygenating Facial Treatments) for dull, devitalized, “polluted” skins Oxygenates and mineralises skin. Firming, nourishing and hydrating.

SOIN D’O (Hydrating Facial Treatments) for oily or combination skins: $ 130 Calming, nourishing and firming treatment that work on wrinkles.

SOIN MULTI-VITAMINS (Anti-aging Multi-Vitamin Facial Treatments): $ 140 A cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and other active ingredients to fight the aging process. This treatment lifts, firms and oxygenates. It is rich in minerals to nourish the skin. Soin Multi-Vita will diminish visible signs of fine lines.

SOIN AQUA PHYT’S (Moisture Boost Facial Treatments): $150 This facial has a ‘Skin plumping’ effect. Ultra hydrating. The serum is rich in Hyaluronic acid which assists in moisture retention and this ‘plumps’, smoothes and hydrates the skin.

SOIN PHYTSSIMA (for very dry skins): $ 150 Hydrates and soothes extremely dry skin. It is the ultimate in nutrition for extremely dry & sensitive skin.