Holistic health

Scenar Therapy

SCENAR therapy is a therapeutic, non-invasive treatment using electro stimulation. It is used to treat wounds, injuries, bruises, sprains, strains. It and can also assist in the treatment of fractures, burns, oedemas, inflammation and pain management in general. Scenar therapy is designed to brings relief for acute and chronic pain.

FEES: $60 first session $50 subsequent treatment


What is Scenar therapy?

SCENAR stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator.
These devices are intended to stimulate the body’s self-recovery system by using its own “internal pharmacy” of neuropeptides.

What does Scenar therapy do?

SCENAR devices are used as an peripheral nerve stimulator and are placed on the skin to treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, musculo-skeletal problems or dental problems. It can also have further applications in facilitating functional restoration, physical therapy and have an analgesic effect during labour delivering a baby.

Who can use Scenar therapy?

SCENAR is appropriate for specialists from all fields of conventional (general practitioners, pediatritians, neurologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, ophtalmologists, sport doctors, dentists, etc.) and alternative and complementary medicine (acupuncturists, homeopaths, reflexotherapists).

Is Scenar therapy painful?

The therapy is painless and the power of electro-action is adjusted individually for every patient.

Are there any contradictions?

Always consult with your doctor and don’t use SCENAR therapy if you have the following:

  • Individual intolerance (hypersensitization);
  • Heart pacemaker;
  • Serious mental diseases;
  • Self-help in case of alcohol intoxication;
  • Acute infectious diseases of obscure origin.

SCENAR does not treat a particular disease or condition, it stimulates the body’s own healing resourses.